The hottest Japanese anime in 2016 was …

“Your Name.” (君の名は。)

This anime movie has been ranked not only in the 4th position in the historical revenue ranking of Japanese movies (18.98 billion yen ≈ 189 million USD as of Nov. 21, 2016), but also in the 2nd position of the “most sold products in Japan in 2016” ranking, of which the 1st position was taken by “Pockemon Go” and the 3rd position by IQOS (smokeless cigarettes).

It is reported that the film has been very well received by the viewers in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well.

What makes this anime movie so attractive?

The film is a story about an urban teenage boy and a rural teenage girl, who swap their bodies in their dreams and face a natural disaster caused by a comet debris which is falling onto the girl’s village. Its director, Makoto Shinkai says he has gotten the story idea from Japanese classical literatures and the earthquake in 2011.

According to some of the viewers, the anime’s extraordinarily beautiful and realistic graphics keep on mesmerizing the audience. Some of foreign viewers said they particularly enjoyed the graphics about traditional Japanese culture.

The viewers said they appreciated the thrilling story line of whether the teenagers are able to save the girl’s life and able to meet each other in real life, which makes the audience emotionally engaged in the fantasy, together with the very realistic graphics.

Japanese viewers also love the 26 songs played throughout the film, arousing the viewers emotions at the key points in the plot. The music is played by a band called RADWIMPS, who are popular among young people for their philosophical lyrics.

Many fans are paying visits to the locations depicted in the animation film and posting their photos on the SNS.

新宿 vs実物
“A drawn scene vs. the real-life picture”
zip momiji
“A background image”


“A scene representing Japanese culture”
Photos:Nippon Television Network Corporation; Yuhichi Kannami
階段シーン VS実物
Photo: r_i_o_matsumoto

The film has been nominated to the Official Consideration List for 89th Annual Academy Award, and it will be released in the U.S. from December 2, 2016, according to