Austin Mahone, a 21-year-old American singer from Texas, has gained wide recognition and popularity in Japan since the beginning of 2017 due to his song “Dirty Work,” which was released in the U.S. back in 2015, but has recently taken over the #1 spot on Billboard Japan’s “Hot Overseas” chart for the last 14 weeks, according to Yahoo! news.

How did it happen?

Austin Mahone is sometimes called “the next Justin Bieber,” because he began his career by posting videos on YouTube in June 2010 at the age of 14, just like Bieber did.

And, although he has been successful in the U.S. and has had fans in Japan, the major part of his Japanese fan base was limited to the international-music-savvy, young female segment before 2017.

Austin’s big break in Japan came when a young Japanese female comedian, Boulson Chiemi, picked ”Dirty Work” as the background music for one of her comedy bits called “career woman,” which propelled Chiemi herself into popularity.

Compounding the catchiness of “Dirty Work,” Austin’s down-to-earth personality, as well as his humbling and friendly behavior, have captivated a wide demographic in Japan.

Universal Japan released a remix of “Dirty Work” featuring Boulson Chiemi on June 8, which has since been adapted for a TV commercial for a major Japanese mobile carrier. The commercial features leading Japanese actors and is being broadcast several times a day.

I personally wish Austin the best of luck in his young, yet promising, career!

You can get “Dirty Work – Blouson Chiemi Remix” from: