Have you seen an anime called Aggretsuko?

The anime with a cute but metal-head red panda character and her relatable stories is grabbing people’s attention. (๑˃▿˂๑)www

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What is Aggretsuko?

Aggretsuko, aka Aggressive Retsuko (アグレッシブ烈子) is the name of this red panda.

She is a 25-year-old sweet single girl who works for a prestigious office in central Tokyo, but she turns into a heavy metal rocker to destress herself.

The Aggretsuko animation is broadcast in Japan within a Saturday brunch-hour TV show.

Its popularity is growing, especially among young female workers, as Aggretsuko’s work-related stress resonates with their own experiences.

They say that Aggretsuko and her colleagues are very well representing today’s Japanese office workers.

Also, Aggretsuko’s stress-management technique, metal-rock shouts, is depicting exactly what Japanese workers feel like doing under stress.

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Aggretsuko was created by Sanrio Co. Ltd., the creator of Hello Kitty, for their 2015 “Chararyman (salaryman characters) Contest.”

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Sanrio has been known as a creator of cute characters since their inception, but in recent years, their characters seem to have gained some edgy idiosyncrasies.(◔౪◔ )

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Picture sources: Sanrio.com