I’m very much interested in a mobile phone RPG called “Onmyoji!”

The title “Onmyoji (陰陽師)” in Japanese language is also known as “阴阳师 (Yin-yang-shi)” in Chinese and “the Yin Yang Master” in English.

The RPG is set in the premedieval Japan (the Heian period, and probably around years 940-950). And, the graphic features a high-quality beautiful 3D animation and leading Japanese voice actors.

We play the game as the main character, “Abe no Seimei” (安倍晴明 c.-à-d. Seimei d’Abe), a legendary Onmyouji.

Seimei battles, together with his friends and Shikigami (his familiar spirits), against the evil spirits from the World of Darkness who try to invade this world and cause disasters and suffering to humans.

An introduction on the game’s features and gameplay by Mr. ArcadeChopsticks

Created by NetEase, Inc. (網易) and launched in China in June 2016 for Android and September for iOS, “Onmyoji” is said to be a smash hit in the Chinese market, gaining over 10 million active users. It was also ranked in the Facebook’s Top 3 Best Mobile Games 2016.

What is Onmyoji?  Who is Abe no Seimei?

Onmyojis were actually existed government officials in premedieval Japan, according to various sources such as Wikipedia and NHK & TBS TV programs.

Their missions were to observe and analyze astronomical, meteorological, and other natural phenomena to predict climate changes, crop yields, and natural disasters; to keep time and create calendars; and to help people deal with diseases, epidemics, and spiritual problems.

They had highly systematized prognostication tools of Feng Shui and astrology based on the top-notch science available in those days.

Because of that, Onmyojis came to play the shamanistic role in the Heian period, when the Imperial families and aristocrats, who were in their heyday in the history, believed that natural disasters and misfortunes were caused by the black magics of curses and spells cast on them by those who had grudges or evil wills against them, and/or by Ayakashi (aka Youkai: evil spirits from the Dark World).

Abe no Seimei was an actually existed, legendary Onmyoji.  He is said to have possessed strange powers and been very effective at prayers and defense against black magics. It’s said that he used familiar spirits and knew how to control ambient and people’s energies. He must have been a crackerjack empirical scientist, magician, and shrink. So much so that some literatures recorded that people said he was born from a white fox!
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I’m interested in this Onmyoji concept because it feels sort of new to me.

I also saw Onmyoji movies in which Mansai Nomura acted as Seimei and liked the mysteriousness in it.

This Omnyoji RPG is said to be LBS (Location Based Service) based and you can play with other players near you as well.

It’s reported that it will soon be released in Japan, North America, Australia, and South Korea; and I can’t wait to join the players’ community!